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When you go to a factory outlet, you expect the same great quality as the regular store but at a cheaper price.  That's the idea behind our Coach Outlet.  We hope that you can find the purses, handbags, and other leather goods manufactured by Coach at what would essentially be a sale price - that's right - CHEAP!  Well, we can't guarantee  that you'll find cheap coach purses or handbags here because they are a quality manufacturer, but you may be able to find a lower price if you accept something used or as is. By bringing you Coach bags from third party providers who are reselling them, we hope that you'll at least  get an outlet-like deal without leaving your home!  They may not be straight from the factory, but we think you'll find these genuine Coach products just as useful.

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History of Coach

Coach has grown from a family run business with six workers making leather wallets and billfolds by hand in a Manhattan loft in 1941 to an iconic American brand bringing in $3 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2008.

The success of Coach is due, in no small part, to its creation of women's handbags in the 1960s out of sturdy cowhide instead of the thin leather pasted over cardboard that was widely used to make ladies bags at the time.  The popularity of its new luxury designer handbags set Coach apart from its competitors and launched one of the premier brands of leather goods today.

Coach diversified its product line in the 1980s, including the introduction of its first nonleather products.  But even though Coach has broadened the scope of its brand to include products such as eyeglasses, watches, shoes, dog collars,  and charms, Coach's classic leather goods such as its handbags and purses remain as popular as ever.  Whether it is the popularity of the Coach brand or the quality of the leatherware that Coach produces, Coach products continue to command premium prices in the luxury bag market.


Our Coach Outlet sorts Coach products listed for sale by others on into categories so that your favorite leather Coach goods are easier for you to find.  This allows you to find new and used Coach items for less than you might pay via Coach, even when on sale or clearance.  You'll also find rare and vintage Coach handbags and purses, but we all know that you'll have to pay up for those.  Obviously, we have no affiliation with Coach, Inc.  We also can't be responsible for the descriptions of third party's listing items for sale, or for any problems arising from your transactions.  Please read the descriptions of the products carefully, check the feedback of sellers, and get answers to any questions which you may have before bidding.

Photo Acknowledgements:

Coach purse by Shoshanah.  Tote by JG Clarke.
Briefcase by Valerie Everett.  PDA by Teo.
Belt by blmurch.  Wallet by Adam.
Glasses by Torley.  Shoe photo by Cate.Sevilla.
White purse by antigone78.

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